When it comes to married men's health, it's mostly the nagging that does it. It's the wife pushing him to go get a check up, it's the wife schedueling the doctors appointment and making sure the husband doesn't forget to go. Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor's office for as long as they can, and a lot of married men owe their cancers caught early to their wives' nagging.

It's also the wife saying, "that's your 3rd beer tonight, how about cutting back?" It's the wife pushing him to sign up for the gym and exercise more. It's the wife cooking more healthy meals instead of the man ordering pizza every other night. That's not me making this up, this is well-documented.

I think you hit a lot of good points, and it's fine to want a relationship. Yes, they can hurt and they can be wonderful, it takes giving it a try to find out.

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