When I was fifteen, a man started calling my cellphone late at night, after I was already asleep. The fist time it happened, I woke up on the phone, talking to him. He started asking me questions and I started answering them, automatically, not thinking. That line between being half-asleep, half-awake makes your brain do stupid things. Luckily for me I stopped myself right before I told him where I lived. He called me once or twice more, but then I was on my guard and cut him off. I was so naive, however, I would pick up the phone and then I would be purposefully evasive, because just hanging up on him would be, you know, rude. I don’t remember if I started turning my phone off before I went to bed, or if he realized he wasn’t going to get anything useful out of me, so he gave up. But it was clear he was calling late at night in an attempt to get someone so sleepy they wouldn’t realize what they were saying. A naive 15 year-old might be just what he was looking for.

Written by

Life explorer.

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