I think most women would rather have a good husband and the kids more than no husband + half the assets. Besides, the assests in this case belong to the couple. When people talk about women divorcing because it's somehow economically advantegeous, they forget how much women contributed to the couple's accumulation of wealth. Even in cases where the woman stayed home with the kids and the man went off to work, her staying home to provide a stable family life is what allowed him to go off into the world to pursue his career in the first place. There might be women who marry rich and then divorce out of self-interest, but these are outliers. Most women who get to the point of asking for a divorce are at their wits end and can't find a way to make the marriage work anymore. It's not an easy decision and it's cause for much grief. Keeping half the assets in this case isn't much of a consolation prize, if you ask me.

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