Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your response. The issue between when to walk away or when to try harder is one I often struggle with myself. For me, personally, I draw the line on my mental health. If my mental health is suffering, then something must be done. Either the work me and my partner have been putting into the relationship needs to be reevaluated, perhaps with the help of a professional therapist, or I do have to walk away.

Walking away, I’ve found, isn’t always the easiest answer.

Sometimes, however, all efforts have been spent. I’ve been there. I’ve given everything I had and then more, so when I found myself completely spent, empty, I had to leave.

I don’t think the point is walking away at the first sign of trouble, but recognizing when you can no longer lower your standards and empty yourself for a relationship. I’m all for trying, but I’m even more in favor of two partners meeting halfway.

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